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MVMA is the only organization whose core function is to represent and assist veterinarians in Massachusetts.

MVMA members hail from all aspects of the profession—clinical practitioners, academics, researchers, and institutional veterinarians—and from all stages of their careers, graduation through retirement. The vast majority of members work or live in Massachusetts, though we have a constituency outside our borders as well.     

Through MVMA, our over 1,000 members work together for the common good of veterinary medicine, while achieving personal and professional growth.

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Full Member

Most veterinarians are Full Members and are entitled to all benefits of membership, vote at annual and special meetings, and are eligible for elected office. All MVMA members are veterinary school graduates of "good moral character."

Please Note: Only veterinarians who meet specific criteria may apply for other types of membership. Associate Members are disengaged from all types of veterinary employment; live and work outside of Massachusetts for at least 6 consecutive months per year; are interns, or residents. Life membership is not available to new applicants; MVMA bylaws require at least 10 years of dues-paying membership immediately before life membership is available, even if the age or tenure requirements are otherwise met.

Student Member

Veterinary students are eligible to become members of MVMA.  The annual dues for a student membership are $10.00.  Students receive all regular member benefits, however, they do not have association voting rights.  MVMA offers discounted registration for students who wish to attend our CE Conferences and other programs. Starting in their second year, TUSVM students (as well as others with a New England connection) may request assignment to a mentor. Student members are invited to participate in committee activities, subject to the approval of the committee chair, and our international programs. MVMA also offers an externship at our office, allowing veterinary students to explore public policy and other non-medical issues. Upon graduation, a Student member may apply to become a New Graduate member (state licensure is required to become a New Graduate member).  Dues are waived until the second January after graduation, so you can receive up to a year and a half of membership free! 

New Graduate

You are eligible for the New Graduate membership if you graduated from an accredited Veterinary Medical Program in 2010 and are licensed to practice veterinary medicine.  This offer is good for the remainder of 2010 and for all of 2011.

Tangible Benefits

MVMA members have exclusive access to a wide variety of programs proven to save money, including our “practice-boosting benefits:”

  • Bankcard processing
  • Debt collection service
Most important, MVMA provides information and services that are important to you, including:
  • Newsletter published 9 times per year to keep you informed about developments that affect you
  • Professional staff available to assist you
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy
And more.

MVMA’s Special Programs Supported through MVMA Charities, Inc.

MVMA Charities, Inc. is the MVMA's charitable arm providing assistance to benefit the health and welfare of animals, as well as the advancement of the veterinary profession here and abroad. MVMA Charities' Programs include: the Pet Oxygen Mask Program, the Stray Animal Program, the International Program (supporting Project Samana and the Mazunte Turtle Project to name a few) and the Emergency and Disaster Progam.

See our Charities page for more information about these and other programs we support.

Other Benefits

If you or a veterinarian you know has a problem related to alcohol or drug abuse, MVMA can provide a referral that will help. Recovering professionals can contribute to our organization and society, and we support the state?sponsored program that assists licensees seeking to recover from drug and alcohol problems, without disciplinary action.

MVMA advocates on legislative and regulatory matters affecting veterinary practice, animal welfare, and similar issues that concern our members.

Become a member and take advantage of all that MVMA offers. And to make your investment even more rewarding, share your time and talents for the benefit of the profession through participation on one or more of our committees. We look forward to your active involvement in MVMA.