2013 Winter CE Conference

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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Join us for the first continuing education conference of 2013. We are confident that the subjects highlighted and the information provided will be instrumental in your day to day practice.

2013 Winter Continuing Education Conference


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DoubleTree Hotel

Westborough, MA


Early Morning Session

USDA APHIS Accreditation

Module 2: Role of Agencies
(State, Federal, International)
and Health Certificates

This module reviews the State, Federal, and International agencies that an accredited veterinarian may interact with and the services these agencies provide. Participants learn how to accurately complete health certificates for animals traveling domestically or internationally. Written guidelines for the completion of 11 USDA APHIS and VS Forms and their continuation sheets are provided.

Track 1

 Small Animal Neurology (6 CE)

Marc Kent, DVM, DACVIM

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This series of lectures is aimed at providing practitioners with practical tips on the approach to common neurological syndromes in small animal practice.  The series begins with an introduction into performing the neurological examination and from which to establish an accurate anatomic diagnosis.  As is the case for all neurological patients, this talk will set the stage for subsequent presentations.  A two part discussion regarding seizures and treatment options follows.  Other common clinical scenarios include vestibular disease, paraplegia, and the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors in small animals.

Lecture titles:

1) Neurological Examination: Making an anatomic diagnosis

2) Seizures: Is it Idiopathic epilepsy? Treatment?

3) Third line Anticonvulsants: An old DAWG learning new tricks!

4) Vestibular disease: A dizzying array of signs and conditions

5) A practical approach to paraplegia

6) Brain tumors: What can we do today?


Track 2

Medicine - Repair and Regeneration (6 CE)

PJ Broadfoot, DVM

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Autosanguis Therapy—Rationales and Therapeutic Options
  • Inflammation and Degeneration—Complementary Approaches
  • Dermatology—Beyond Suppressive Medicine
  • Functional Foods/Nutrigenomics and Mechanisms of Repair
  • Thymus Therapies—Extracts and Adjunctive Medicines
  • Regenerative Supplements—Exploring New Frontiers


Track 3

Backyard/Niche Poultry Medicine and Welfare:

What You Need to Know, What You Want to Know,

and Some Other Stuff That’s Just Interesting (6 CE)

Michael Martin, DVM, DACPV, MSVM

Backyard/niche poultry flocks are becoming more common for a variety of reasons. Veterinary care for these populations presents unique challenges because it involves individual and population medicine as well as pet and food animal considerations. The presentation will cover some common management, disease, welfare, and legal/regulatory issues associated with small poultry flocks. Other poultry related questions and discussions will be welcome as time allows.

Late Afternoon Session

USDA APHIS Accreditation

Module 17: National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)

This module begins by describing the purpose and scope of the NPIP and defines the different flock and state status levels in NPIP. Given the different regulations between egg-laying birds and meat-type birds, this module help veterinarians identify the portions of NPIP that are the most relevant to them for further exploration. Details related to additional resources (e.g. State Agencies, participating laboratories) relative to the NPIP program and specific monitoring and testing requirements for a specific type of production unit and disease classification are covered.

This module corresponds with Dr. Martin’s Backyard/Niche Poultry  Medicine and Welfare program.


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